Titans Astronauts | Perks and Special Access for the First True Colonizers of Space

Titans Astronauts are not just space tourists; they are the first true colonizers of space. 

Titans Astronauts pay Titans Space $25-35 million for a lifetime space travel membership. Their lifetime membership affords them unlimited access to practically all Titans missions and projects.

Unlimited Space Travel

Spacecraft Development

Special Space Perks

Titans Fellowship Perks

Participation in Investment Fund

Titans Astronauts | Perks Overview

Titans Astronauts are in a league of their own, being anchor customers and among the first investors behind Titans Space. 

Titans Astronauts receive space industry privileges from the day they join – in anticipation of their space travels from 2027 onward. 

We offer two tiers of the Titans Astronauts program: 

1: Titans Astronauts – Royal Rhodium Card

  • $25M (full payment in five calls or 2.5 years)

2: Titans Astronauts – Presidential Platinum Card

  • $35M (full payment in ten calls or 5 years)

Titans Astronauts | Perks

Titans Astronauts are Titans Space’s anchor customers and treated as co-owners of our aerospace companies, providing them unique space-related perks.

The benefit of operating our own end-to-end space transportation infrastructure, including spaceplanes, spacecraft, space stations, and a lunar colony, allows us to offer space travel experiences to Titans Astronaut practically as often as they desire.

Titans Astronauts automatically become members of the Titans Fellowship, the world’s most exclusive membership club, providing members (Titans Fellows) access to ultra-luxurious assets, worldwide. The Fellowship is reserved for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals; our focus is as much on safe and comfortable business travel as it is on new friendships and camaraderie, convenience, luxury, and exclusivity.

The Titans Fellowship offers incredible perks, including virtually unlimited private jet travel, superyacht cruises, and incomparable luxury stays at chateaux, mansions, and villas in more than 100 of the world’s most beautiful and “happening” regions. 

Space Tourism

~ 0

10+ Private Jets

Int'l Flights p/y

10+ Superyachts

Yacht Days p/y

100+ Chateaux | Mansions | Villas

Overnight Stays p/y

Participation in Titans Investment Fund

Year Money Back + Profits

Titans Fellows are automatically enrolled in the Titans funds, making them co-owners of our assets, and returning their principal amount (the payment) after the 5-year lock-up period. In effect, their Fellowship membership is free. 

The Titans Fund 1 invests in industry-disrupting, large-scale projects like Titans Space Industries, as well as in luxurious real estate (chateaux, mansions, villas) and luxury assets (e.g. private jets and superyachts). 

Titans Fellows receive many perks, including virtually unlimited access to our assets for their own enjoyment. 

Despite the media hype surrounding rockets like SpaceX’s Starship, routine , including human space travel, by means of rockets will not reach large numbers, basically due to the inherent risks and limitations of such vertically launched rocket vehicles.

For large scale space travel and space cargo transport to reach efficiency and safety levels like air travel/air cargo, the vehicles we use must operate like airplanes.

Titans Spaceplanes are the holy grail of aerospace; they are designed as a revolutionary space transportation system that eliminates the need for expensive launch facilities, vehicle assembly buildings, and (expendable or reusable) all-rocket boosters. 

A Titans Spaceplanes can operate from any (partnered) large airport, and it can carry up to 330 astronauts or up to 90-100 ton payload into any 555-km (300 nmi; 344 mi) orbit; it uses multi-cycle airbreather propulsion to reach the top of the troposphere and then ignites its rocket engines to reach Low-Earth Orbit.

Titans Astronauts | Lunar Travel

Using spaceplanes and spaceships instead of rockets dramatically increases efficiencies and possibilities for space exploration, commercialization, and industrialization

Titans SpaceShips

Spaceships take off from Low-Earth Orbit to the Lunar Titans OrbitalPort Space Station (Lunar TOPSS) in the Moon’s orbit with six to twenty people, and ~100 metric ton of cargo.

Lunar Orbital Hotel | Lunar Titans OrbitalPort Space Station

✓ Entire trip to and stay at the Lunar Space Hotel is a zero-g experience
✓ At least one visit to the lunar surface (spend a night at the Titania Lunar Resort Hotel)
✓ Space Suits will be supplied!

Titans Lunar Transporters

The safest way to land on and launch from the Moon.

✓ Docks at and leaves from the Titans Lunar OrbitalPort SpaceStation (TLOPSS) to the lunar surface
✓ Deliver cargo and astronauts to lunar surface
✓ Deliver modules to lunar orbit for on-orbit assembly
✓ Refuels at the Lunar TOPSS
✓ Payload: 15-20 metric tons
✓ Capacity: 4-8 persons
✓ Doubles as lunar habitat for short multi-day stays on the surface

Titania Lunar Resort

The Titania Lunar Resort is envisioned as a recreational hub for lunar residents, visitors, scientists, and tourists.

Titania Lunar Resort is part of the Titania Lunar Colony. The initial phase will start in H2-2027/2028, and large scale construction will start in 2030.
While starting small, ultimately, the Titania Lunar Resort will include tens of thousands of hotel suites and apartments. We expect a vacation on Titania Lunar Resort to cost less than $100,000 per person from 2035 onward.
In the coming decades, Titans Space Industries, with support from Titans Astronauts, paves the way for millions of people to travel to space and visit the Lunar Resort at Titania Lunar colony.
Once operational, TSI and the Titans Space Society will also offer sponsorted tickets for Moon travel to certain people, including educators, scientists, and students.