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Titans Universe is a holding company that funds and develops large-scale fascinating projects, from Earth all the way to the Moon.

Space Tourism & Ultra-Fast Travel

50+ Spaceplanes

10+ Private Jets

10+ Superyachts

100+ Destinations

Mission Statements | Titans Universe Divisions

Titans Universe | Mission

Our founding team strives to do business “the right way” where extreme ambition and large profits are equally balanced with social philantrophy and environmental purpose. 

Titans Universe has formed BITE, the Board of Integrity, Transparency, and Ethics, and also the INTERCEDE Center for Humanity. 

Besides this serious side, Titans Universe has a playful motto: life should be enjoyable, fun, and adventurous, which is why the company’s immediate focuse is on luxury (space) tourism, exclusive real estate, and ultra-luxurious resorts. Our ultimate objective, however, is to build a mining colony and tourism resort on the Moon. 

From revolutionary spaceplanes to ultra-powerful rocket engines, and from a floating city in the Caribbean to the world’s most exclusive membership club; to people unfamiliar to our projects, it may seem like we are “all over the place”, but we have a methodical approach to all our projects. 

We develop our projects in stealth mode, but since we understand how “crazy ambitious” our projects sound, the team decided to provide some details about most of our projects. 

Titans Universe was created to group all our projects together, and several of our founding partners carry one or two projects, either as project director or as supervisor. We have experts among our founding partners who are more than able to properly manage our projects, including the aerospace, tourism, real estate, or luxury segments.

Titans Earth | Mission

Titans Earth’s mission is to lead, manage, and support all Titans Universe projects that take place on Earth, whether it is construction, project management, or design and development. Titans Earth will make great effort to work in a sustainable and ethical way, minimizing its carbon footprint on our planet.

Titans Space | Mission

Titans Space Industries and Titans Spaceplanes & Space Technologies (jointly called Titans Space), as divisions of Titans Universe, comprises a vast portfolio of incredible, revolutionary space infrastructure that will allow safe and efficient end-to-end space transportation, including spaceplanes and space stations for space tourism, commercial, and industrial purposes, as well as for research, governments, and military usage. 

Titans Space’s single-stage-to-orbit spaceplanes will facilitate orbital space flights for orbital cruises or going to Low-Earth Orbit, and sub-orbital flights for zero-g space tourism flights as well as ultra-fast point-to-point transportation for humans and cargo.

Titans Space’s mission with its upcoming cislunar and Lunar infrastructure is to industrialize the Moon, to commoditize precious/rare Earth metals, and to lighten Earth’s burdens by taking some heavy, polluting, and dangerous industries to the Moon.

Titans Space’s ultimate objective with its Titania Lunar colony is to set up and prepare (soft and heavy) infrastructure for Lunar and space colonization, and large-scale (heavy) industrial activity, including mining.

Titans Astronauts | Mission

Titans Astronauts are in a league of their own; they are our anchor customers and among the first investors behind Titans Space, and -most importantly- they are among the first true colonizers of space. 

Titans Astronauts receive space industry privileges from the day they join – in anticipation of their space travels from 2027 onward. 

Our space tourism division is building the future of luxury space exploration with spaceplanes, spaceships, space stations, and lunar transport vehicles. Titan Space’s revolutionary LEO Space Station and Lunar Space Station will redefine humanity’s place amongst the stars, with lunar tourism, scientific research, and commercial mining applications.

Titans Space is building the next generation of luxury travel in space, allowing clients to escape gravity, explore the stars, and visit the heavens in comfort and safety, and shape the future with groundbreaking research and development.

Titans Space is actively reinventing the space tourism industry through extensive development of proprietary technologies, and strategic acquisitions of competitors and key suppliers to create a vertically integrated operation.

Titans Space will command a majority of the market share of space tourism through manufacturing and operating space vehicles designed for reusability, reliability, energy efficiency, and safety. 

Through the use of next generation spaceplanes and not traditional rockets, Titans Space creates affordable, safer,  and more environmentally friendly transportation systems that grant virtually unlimited access to space.

With regards to spaceplane tourism, we will offer two short-duration space flights:

1. Orbital Cruises (~5 hours)
2. Sub-Orbital Zero-G Flights (~90 minutes)

The Sub-Orbital Zero-G flights are somewhat similar to the Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic experiences, but the flights will last for 90 minutes. The zero-g duration lasts around 10-15 minutes and you’ll get to see more of Earth!

Titans space tourists and travelers will travel in luxurious style, having access to their own Spacepod for the duration of a flight. You will take off from our spaceport facilities (e.g. in the USA), and you will end up at another partner spaceport, which may be half-way across the world.

Rocket lift-off requires passengers to remain in reclined position, strapped into their seats; Titans passengers will experience airplane-like comfort and ease.

Furthermore, from 2027/2028 onward, we plan to offer space vacations at our LEO Space Station, and ultimately at our Lunar Space Station and Lunar Resort.

Titans World | Mission

Titans World’s mission is to become the LVMH of experiences and services, with the objective to be the elite enabler of a luxury lifestyle and premier provider of convenience services.

Titans World also operates the world’s most exclusive membership club, the Titans Fellowship. 

Titans Fellowship | Mission

The world’s most exclusive membership club, the Titans Fellowship, offers an elite group of members (i.e. “Titans Fellows” or “Titans”) global and near-instant access to the world’s largest club collection of unique and exclusive properties and services, including virtually unlimited private jet travel, superyacht cruises, and incomparable luxury stays at chateaux, mansions, and villas in more than 100 of the world’s most beautiful and “happening” regions.

By pooling together the most exclusive and exceptional properties, assets, and services, the Titans Fellowship offers its members all the enjoyments of the billionaire lifestyle, but at the fraction of the costs.