Titans Universe: Business Development

Titans Universe is a holding company that funds and develops large-scale fascinating projects on Earth and even in Space.

50+ Spaceplanes

10+ Private Jets

10+ Superyachts

100+ Destinations

Space Tourism

About Titans Universe

Titans Universe is a new holding company that funds and develops projects on land and even in space.

Titans Universe was founded upon the passions of a group of fifteen successful business partners with a track record of starting several disruptive projects (since 2008).

Our founding team strives to do business “the right way” where extreme ambition and large profits are equally balanced with social philantrophy and environmental purpose. 

Titans Universe has formed BITE, the Board of Integrity, Transparency, and Ethics, and also the INTERCEDE Center for Humanity. 

Besides this serious side, Titans Universe has a playful motto: life should be enjoyable, fun, and adventurous, which is why the company’s immediate focuse is on luxury (space) tourism, exclusive real estate, and ultra-luxurious resorts. Our ultimate objective, however, is to build a mining colony and tourism resort on the Moon. 

To people unfamiliar to our projects, it may seem like we are “all over the place”, but we have a methodical approach to all our projects. 

We develop our projects in stealth mode, but since we understand how “crazy ambitious” our projects sound, the team decided to provide some details about most of our projects. 

Please peruse this website to learn more about “the method behind the madness”. 

Titans Universe was created to group all our projects together, and several of our founding partners carry one or two projects, either as project director or as supervisor. We have experts among our founding partners who are more than able to properly manage our projects, including the aerospace, tourism, real estate, or luxury segments.

Please visit the relevant pages for further information about our projects.