The World's Most Exclusive Membership Club: Space Tourism | Private Jets | Superyacht Charters | Luxury Residences | Elite Services | 100+ Regions

The Titans Fellowship is the world’s most exclusive membership club, providing members (Titans Fellows) access to ultra-luxurious services and assets – this includes space tourism, private jets, superyachts, chateaux, mansions, and villas, for business (representation) and/or personal use.

Space Tourism

Orbital Cruises

10+ Private Jets

Int'l Flights p/y

10+ Superyachts

Yacht Days p/y

100+ Chateaux | Mansions | Villas

Overnight Stays p/y

Participation in Titans Investment Fund

Year Money Back + Profits

The Titans Fellowship in 100+ regions world-wide

The Titans Fellowship is the world’s most exclusive membership club, providing members (Titans Fellows) access to ultra-luxurious assets, worldwide. The Fellowship is reserved for Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals; our focus is as much on safe and comfortable business travel as it is on new friendships and camaraderie, convenience, luxury, and exclusive services and experiences.

The Titans Fellowship is organized and operated by Titans World, part of Titans Universe, a company founded upon the passions of a group of fifteen successful business partners with a track record of starting several disruptive projects (since 2008). The team includes a Private Equity expert who raised more than $6 billion in capital, a Hall-of-Fame NBA basketball legend, a next-gen telecom pioneer, a former Big4 Managing Director, a billion-dollar project executive, and a former CFO/Executive of big public and private companies.

Our pitch is quite simple: 

The short version

“By pooling together ultra-luxurious assets and resources, we can provide the ultimate billionaire lifestyle opportunities to Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals -Titans Fellows- at a fraction of what it would normally cost. Not only can Titans Fellows enjoy our assets, they also co-own this unique collection of ultra-luxurious properties through our fund.”

The longer version

“The Titans Fellowship structure goes way beyond fractional ownership of luxury assets; it’s an ultra-elite lifestyle membership club. 

Our dedicated team of professionals will materialize the Titans Fellows’ wishes, whether it is to organize a business meeting or small party or a two-week stay aboard one of our superyachts, or a romantic getaway to one of our chateaux, starting with a private jet pickup and transfer – we will make it happen – at a moment’s notice. 

Titans Fellows will no longer need to worry about personal safety since they are accompanied by a bodyguard at all times, along with a chauffeured luxury car. A personal chef takes care of the best Michelin-level cuisine on-site, and a personal assistant will take care of every little detail.”

We offer two tiers of the Titans Fellowship: 

1: Titans Royal Fellowship – Rhodium Card

  • Principal: $5M total (5 year lock-up)

2: Titans Presidential Fellowship – Platinum Card

  • Principal: $2.5M total (5 year lock-up)

The Titans Fellowship offers incredible perks, including virtually unlimited private jet travel, superyacht cruises, and incomparable luxury stays at chateaux, mansions, and villas in more than 100 of the world’s most beautiful and “happening” regions. 

Titans Fellows are automatically enrolled in the Titans funds, making them co-owners of our assets, and returning their principal amount (the payment) after the 5-year lock-up period. In effect, their Fellowship membership is free. 

The Titans Fund 1invests in industry-disrupting, large-scale projects like Titans Space Industries and Titania Oceana, as well as in luxurious real estate (chateaux, mansions, villas) and luxury assets (e.g. private jets and superyachts). 

Titans Fellows receive many perks, including virtually unlimited access to our assets for their own enjoyment. 

Mission & Objective

Titans World offers an elite group of members (i.e. Titans Fellows or Titans) global and near-instant access to the largest selection of unique and exclusive properties and services, from mansions to private jets to superyachts – for business or private purposes.

Our mission is to become the LVMH of experiences and services, with the objective to be the elite enabler of a luxury lifestyle and premier provider of convenience services.

Fellows Profile

Titans Fellows must have a respectable public image, and a verifiable background

Fellows are part of the world’s discerning elite, from business travelers to retirees who appreciate comfort, security, efficiency

Appreciate a dedicated local team to assist in all ways imaginable, from military-level bodyguards to chauffeurs to private chefs to expert local guides

Limited Corporate Memberships are available

Titans Fellows can bring along one guest (the plus-one) at all times. Business meetings and/or small parties can be accommodated at a moment’s notice, whether it is at one of our chateaux or on board of a superyacht. And while our properties aren’t meant for large parties, your Titans Assistant will ensure that you and your guests will have some the most incredible experiences of their lives. 

Fellowship 7-Star Perks

Many Titans-only perks, incl. 150 days p/y on a Superyacht, 200 int’l private jet flights p/y, and 265 days p/y at one of our chateaux, mansions, villas.
Titans services include full-time chauffeured luxury car and bodyguard protection while staying at one of our properties.
Transportation, travel, bodyguards, assistance, accommodation, and unique, special arrangements at a moment’s notice (on-site)
Biannual galas and gatherings
Quarterly topical conferences
Monthly social gatherings

Titans Perks also include:

Four “Exceptional Experiences”
Ownership stake in properties and assets – through the Funds
Principal (fund investment) returned after 5 years – Your Fellowship Membership is basically free
Space Tourism (available from 2027)
VIP Apartment at Titania Oceana (from 2027)
Concierge (Private) Medicine (24/7)

Ultimate Covenience

Safe Door-to-Door Transportation

Transport to and from destination: chauffeured car & bodyguard > Private Jet > chauffeured car & Bodyguard

Titans Chateaux, Mansions, Villas

Titans Fellows enjoy access to the largest selection of ultra-luxurious residences in 100 regions across the world. No more hotels needed. Titans also enjoy 24/7 butler and chauffeured car service, and bodyguard protection during stays

Titans Voyages & Titans Private Jets

Access to superyachts, including special sea-faring expeditions

Private Jet access: Virtually unlimited depending on destinations

Fellowship Key Facts

The Titans Fellowship will have access to the world’s largest selection of ultra-luxurious properties, assets, and services, from mansions to private jets to superyachts, but also (under development):

✓ 7☆ Ski Resort
✓ 7☆ Vineyard Resort
✓ 7☆ Golf Course
✓ F1-capable race track
✓ Polo & Equestrian Club
✓ Spaceplanes*
✓ Space Tourism*
✓ Titania Oceana*

*Available from 2027 through Titans Space Industries

To summarize, the Titans Fellowship means:

✓ Ultra-Elite: limited membership
✓ Access to all Titans and partner properties in more than 100 regions, world-wide
✓ Access to Titans World’s aviation/transport/voyages fleet
✓ Access to suites at partner hotels and resorts world-wide
✓ “Exceptional Experiences”: journeys/expeditions ranging from antarctica to safaris
✓ Access to elite concierge services (business, executive, luxury, medical, etc.)

The Titans Fellowship in 100+ regions world-wide


  1. ✓ Aspen
  2. ✓ Banff
  3. ✓ Buenos Aires
  4. ✓ Beverly Hills
  5. ✓ Boston
  6. ✓ Chicago
  7. ✓ Dallas
  8. ✓ Denali
  9. ✓ The Hamptons
  10. ✓ Hawaii
  11. ✓ Lake Havasu City
  12. ✓ Lake Tahoe
  13. ✓ Las Vegas
  14. ✓ Lima
  15. ✓ Miami
  16. ✓ Mexico City
  17. ✓ Montreal
  18. ✓ New Orleans
  19. ✓ New York
  20. ✓ Niagara Falls
  21. ✓ Panama
  22. ✓ Rio de Janeiro
  23. ✓ San Francisco
  24. ✓ Santiago
  25. ✓ Toronto
  26. ✓ Vancouver
  27. ✓ Washington D.C. 
  28. ✓ Yellowstone National Park
  29. ✓ Yucatan Peninsula


  1. ✓ Bahama Islands
  2. ✓ Havana
  3. ✓ Puerto Rico
  4. ✓ Saint-Barthélemy Island
  5. ✓ Turks and Caicos Islands 

Middle East | Africa

  1. ✓ Algiers Province
  2. ✓ Cairo
  3. ✓ Cape Town
  4. ✓ Dubai | UAE
  5. ✓ Johannesburg
  6. ✓ Mauritius Island
  7. ✓ Marrakesh
  8. ✓ Riyadh
  9. ✓ Saint-Barthélemy Island
  10. ✓ Turks and Caicos Islands 
  11. ✓ Victoria Falls

Asia | Oceania | Other

  1. ✓ Bangkok
  2. ✓ Bali
  3. ✓ Beijing
  4. ✓ Bora Bora
  5. ✓ Fiji Islands
  6. ✓ Hong Kong | Macao
  7. ✓ Islamabad
  8. ✓ Jakarta
  9. ✓ Jerusalem | Amman & Petra
  10. ✓ Manila
  11. ✓ Melbourne
  12. ✓ Mumbai
  13. ✓ New Delhi | Taj Mahal
  14. ✓ Phuket
  15. ✓ Queenstown
  16. ✓ Samarkand
  17. ✓ Shanghai
  18. ✓ Seoul
  19. ✓ Seychelles
  20. ✓ Sydney
  21. ✓ Tokyo


  1. ✓ Amsterdam
  2. ✓ Athens
  3. ✓ Barcelona
  4. ✓ Belgrade | Sarajevo
  5. ✓ Berlin
  6. ✓ Bodrum
  7. ✓ Brussels
  8. ✓ Budapest
  9. ✓ Copenhagen
  10. ✓ Dublin
  11. ✓ Dubrovnik
  12. ✓ Edinburgh
  13. ✓ Frankfurt
  14. ✓ Geneva
  15. ✓ Granada
  16. ✓ Helsinki
  17. ✓ Ibiza
  18. ✓ Istanbul
  19. ✓ Kusadasi
  20. ✓ Lisbon
  21. ✓ London
  22. ✓ Madrid
  23. ✓ Malta
  24. ✓ Marbella
  25. ✓ Milan
  26. ✓ Monaco | French Riviera
  27. ✓ Mykonos
  28. ✓ Oslo
  29. ✓ Paris
  30. ✓ Prague
  31. ✓ Porto
  32. ✓ Porto Montenegro | Tivat
  33. ✓ Reykyavik
  34. ✓ Rome 
  35. ✓ Saltzburg
  36. ✓ Split
  37. ✓ St. Moritz 
  38. ✓ Stockholm
  39. ✓ Tuscany
  40. ✓ Venice
  41. ✓ Vienna
  42. ✓ Vlora | Duress | Tirana
  43. ✓ Warsaw

Investment Fund

Titans Fund 1

$ 0
0 +
Private Jets
0 +
0 +
Chateaux | Mansions | Villas

A substantial part of Titans World’s investments are financed through the Titans Fellowship. Our assets, including the world’s largest private collection of private jets, superyachts, chateaux, and mansions, are available for the Fellows’ virtually unlimited enjoyment, along with many other perks and services -unlocking a world of unparalleled luxury for Fellows and their (business) guests and/or partners.

Titans World Leadership

Neal S. Lachman

Principal Founder, President & CEO

– Founder Titans Universe | Titans Space Ind.
– Launched & sold first millionaire and elite magazine in Europe (1997)
– Was, at 27, a member of the world’s most elite club: Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle

Farooq A. Malik

CFO | Founding Partner

– 35+ years global business experience
– Managed & Executed billion-dollar projects

Sanjay Basu MBA

Founding Partner

– 20+ years VC, PE, M&A, Operations experience
– Former KPMG M&A MD with 100+ transactions

Richard Borsboom MScBA

Founding Partner

– 25-year business experience
– Former CFO and interim-executive of public listed and private companies. incl. Spyker Cars, Force India Formula One, Sandd

Ian Browde J.D.

Founding Partner

– Former Head of Business Development for Apple’s International division (mid-1980s)
– Former Director of Strategy & Business Development at Nokia Enterprise Solutions

Joel Dunn

Founding Partner

– 20+ years media, marketing experience
– Proven leader in advertising & multi-media

Aniel Lachman

Founding Partner

  1. – 32 years business experience
  2. – Involved with  large international projects

Shamir Stein

Founding Partner

– 25 years business experience; CEO Fibrolan
– Passion for technology, telecom, automotive

Founder's Note

My amazing founding partners and I have recently launched Titans World, an operator of luxury residences and assets that will soon include more than 100 destinations, and the Titans Fellowship, an invite-only ultra-luxurious and ultra-exclusive travel-, experiences-, and services membership club for the world’s UHNWIs, where discretion is guaranteed, and where the focus is on fun, excitement, thrills, as well as convenience, luxury, and exclusivity -whether for business or personal purposes, or both. 

Besides our own small collection of incredible 7-Star resorts that we’ll operate in some of the most beautiful and “happening” regions in the world, Titans Fellows also get access to the largest range of unique and exclusive services and experiences, world-wide, ranging from more than one hundred chateaux, villas, and mansions, to a fleet of private jets, superyachts, and super cars – all available at a moment’s notice. Titans Fellows can use our properties, assets, services and experiences for any means they like, whether it’s for business travel, romance, or vacationing, alone or with their partner, family, or guests, to impress business relations with an incredible superyacht cruise, or to share the fruits of their hard work with their loved ones.


The story behind founding Titans World

As an entrepreneur, I had a big break when I was very young, which allowed me to start a career where I only work on projects I really like. With some ventures, I literally lost everything I had, while others afforded me the luxury to enjoy life and its blessings. I had the privilege to travel the world far and wide, experiencing many of our planet’s wonderful offerings- from snow covered mountain peaks to tropical paradise islands.

One particular experience in the 90s shaped my understanding of the ultimate luxury experiences. 

In December 1997, I published the first European millionaire lifestyle magazine, and in January 1998, I slept in Andrew Carnegie’s bed at Skibo Castle for two nights. I spent three wonderful days at Skibo with some of the most beautiful experiences in my life, up to that point.

Peter De Savary, Skibo’s owner and operator of the Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle -arguably the most exclusive membership club at that time- and I had a few long meetings, we had dinner and lunch together, and he personally invited me to become -and accepted me as- a member of the Club; he told me that I was the youngest member, ever. Alas, shortly after, in May, I went bankrupt, and my luxurious lifestyle came to a (temporary) halt. That’s a fun story for another time.

Through my businesses and travels, I have been granted the privilege to meet many UHNWIs and their families. It became apparent to me that there was a need among these people where everything of luxury -whether it be vacations, experiences, concierge services, or fine goods- should be available to them at a moment’s notice. Not because they are spoilt people, but because they rarely get time to enjoy a few consecutive days off. Life is short, they have no time to waste; it’s as simple and straight forward as that.  

Fast forward to 2023/2024. 

Over the last three decades, I have been blessed to work with a group of business partners who helped me build some extra-ordinary businesses that can disrupt their respective industries, ranging from spaceplanes (aerospace), to a floating resort city (resort/real estate), to the world’s most exclusive membership club. 

Our founding team consists of people who have lived privileged lives, and we set up the Titans Fellowship structure as we’d like to make the utmost use of our limited time on this planet. We are also aware that (potential) Titans Fellows prefer to travel, work, and vacation safely and in privacy. They have greater responsibilities than the average person, and they have a bigger picture to think of, whether it’s for work, personal life, or both. Our dedicated local teams at our properties will make life easier for Titans Fellows as they’ll do anything in their power to assist and accommodate. 

The Titans Fellowship is, besides being the world’s newest, most exclusive membership club, also the most discreet and reserved. There will be no frequent announcements, weekly press releases, exclusive interviews, inspiring Ted Talks, magazine profiles etc. Not by me, nor anybody else from our team. We will not discuss our Titans Fellows, the membership structure, or the Fellowship overall. This is to ensure privacy, first and foremost.

Titans World and the Titans Fellowship denote a unique, private community where convenience, efficiencies, and concierge services are unparalleled, and where the amenities, experiences, and fellowship are world-class and aimed to promote camaraderie among Titans Fellows, allowing for living beyond imagination.

Neal S. Lachman | Principal Founder | Titans Universe | Titans World