Traditional Values: People | Planet | Profit

Titans Universe is a new holding company that funds and develops projects on land, in the ocean, and even in space.

Our founding team strives to do business “the right way” where extreme ambition and large profits are equally balanced with social philanthropy and environmental purpose.

Besides this serious side, Titans Universe has a playful motto: life should be enjoyable, fun, and adventurous, which is why the company’s immediate focus is on luxury (space) tourism, exclusive real estate, and ultra-luxurious resorts. Our ultimate objective, however, is to build a mining colony and tourism resort on the Moon, starting with the Selene Mission (from 2027). 

We develop our projects in stealth mode, but since we understand how “crazy ambitious” our projects sound, the team decided to provide some details about most of our projects.

Please peruse this website to learn more about “the method behind the madness”. 

From Earth to Space

Titans Earth

Titans Earth Industries is responsible for funding, developing, and/or managing our Earth-based businesses and projects, including company investments, ultra-luxurious Real Estate and tourist destinations, and construction projects.

Titans World

Titans World offers an elite group of members (i.e. “Titans Fellows” or “Titans”) global and near-instant access to the world’s largest club collection of unique and exclusive properties and services in 100+ regions, from mansions to private jets to superyachts – for business or private purposes.

Titans Space

Titans Space Industries (TSI) is our holding company for anything space and space-related, including space tourism, spaceplanes, spaceships, space stations, and even a mining colony on the Moon. TSI projects are led by aerospace and rocketry experts.